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Every 2 years Skillset, the Sector Skills Council (SSC) for the UK’s Creative Media Industries holds a national census of those working in the UK’s CMI industries. The 2009 statistics showed that the industry figures had fallen by 10% since the previous census. Strikingly, the majority of those leaving the industry were women. When converted into real numbers 5000 women had left the industry compared to 750 men. The vast number of those leaving were in the over 35 age category.

The results relating to the remaining industry revealed that overall in the CMI women are more qualified and paid less. They are also less likely to occupy the main creative jobs including writers, directors and producers and are instead found in hair/make-up, production, costume etc.

Click here to read more about the gender gap in the industry and get access to more reports and charts to outline the situatio.

Why is this bad?

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