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Pop! That’s the sound of a baby bubble bursting as I slowly and quietly emerge into the ‘real’ world. For the past 8 months I have been (almost) entirely focused on my children and immersed in that wonderful yet exhausting, lonely, terrifying mundane bubble that is the daily lot of the full time mum. I’ll be honest…. I’ve loved it even though I’ve rarely left the square mile I live in, even though I’ve worn the same pair of jeans nearly every day (that’s actually a lie – it was a hot summer, I wore shorts for a good 4 months). I can tick every stereotype: vomit covered cardi…. tick; sleep deprived walk into a lamppost…tick; umpteenth conversation about “why doesn’t my baby sleep for more than 20 mins am I doing it all wrong?”…. tick; but in truth I’ve had a really lovely time hanging out with my baby and little boy in the sunshine (thanks UK for that freakish good summer during my maternity leave that was a definite bonus.) Now though, it’s time to get back to work. I haven’t entirely forgotten about my PhD – I’ve continued to read articles and theory when I can and even managed to carry out the odd interview. It is HARD with 2 little ones and I can’t fully carry on with it until I’ve got some childcare but I’m looking forward to getting back into it – because it needs to get done. It won’t be perfect, I’m not looking to change the world with this research but I have loved my topic and felt very honoured to have gone on the journey it has taken me on – but now I owe it to the women I’ve spoken to to get it written up.

SO to kick-start I’m presenting snippets from my research as part of the Media Futures Research Centre seminar series at Bath Spa University on October the 31st. My understanding is that it’s an open event. My title is “Motherhood is the antithesis of creativity”: Conflicting public policies and the clash between ideal creative workers and ideal parents” – you can link to the webpage which contains the abstract and further information here. I’m hopeful that I’ll get a good turnout of both sexes. The focus is on policy, using the experience of mothers working in the creative media industries but looking at a key clash in political discourse that will, I argue have significant implications for both men and women. I’m really excited to meet with the film and media department at Bath Spa – they’re doing some fantastic research including the recent release of this book ‘Cultural Work and Higher Education’ edited by Dan Ashton and Catriona Noonan.



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