I am a PhD researcher looking at the widening gender gap in the UK film and TV industries. This research has been commissioned by Skillset, the Sector Skills Council (SSC) for the UK Creative Media Industries and is being carried out at the Centre of Excellence in Media Practice (CEMP) at Bournemouth University.

I started getting interested in ‘gender’ as a subject as an undergraduate. I was studying History and took a course in Modern US Women’s History. In my first class the lecturer (a man) asked who in the room was a feminist. No-one put their hand up … apart from him. That was the first time that I had considered my personal views on gender politics and I realised that I subscribed to the same fear / rejection of feminism as all my contemporaries. The course introduced me to the vast complexities surrounding the labels ‘man’ and ‘woman’. I have found through my own experiences of work (I have worked in the film and TV industries as a runner, researcher and fundraiser), personal relationships and life that an interest in the critical study of ‘gender’ is crucial for understanding the complexities of the modern world and the situations that I myself as an individual find myself in.

We live in a world of increasingly complex identities. New technology opens our awareness of and introduces us to new identities – ones which can exist on a parallel online world and yet old structural patterns of gender, race and class division continue to exist. It is my intention in this blog to break down some of the myths and issues surrounding gender identity. Through the context of my research – which is looking specifically at the gender divide between media practitioners in the UK – I aim to open up discussions on these topics and hope that others will join in.

When I am not writing and reading I am running around after my children; Freddy who was born in December 2009 and Evie who was born in February 2013.