The past few months have seen me buried in a fog of writing. It’s not a process I particularly enjoy. I’ve discovered that I’m an excellent academic planner, my plans are exquisite, detailed, concise….there are charts etc. It’s only when I have to sit down and actually write the thing that it all falls apart. But that can rest for now and I’m on to the part that I really enjoy – talking to people! I carried out a series of interviews a couple of years back and it was the findings from those conversations that inspired the topic and framework of my PhD thesis. Now I need more stories to explore this unique relationship between creative labour and motherhood.

If you consider yourself to be a creative media worker so film, television, radio, gaming, post-production, distribution, animation or you used to work in one of those sectors and are a mother then I’d really like to talk to you. It doesn’t matter where you’re based (although it does have to be within the UK as this project is looking at its specific development) – I can talk to you using Skype and I can find a time that suits you. Most of the interviews have been taking place in the evening and they last up to an hour. All information that is shared to me remains confidential.

If you are interested in finding out more information and would be happy to participate in this research then you can email me at

Please do ask if you have any questions and send this post on to anyone who you think might be interested. I’m conducting interviews up until December 2014.