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Click this link to go to The World UNPLUGGED research blog. This research was carried out with just under 1,000 university students from 10 different countries including Chile, China, the UK, Lebanon, the US and Uganda. The project asked students to abstain from using all media for one day. After their 24 hour media abstinence, participants were then asked to report their response to the project including successes and failures. Their responses were aggregated to produce a document of half a million words which described their feelings to the task.

The results reveal how young people now access, use, and define media. It opens up a new understanding of what we define as ‘news’ and provides detailed recommendations for the Students themselves, Universities, Entrepreneurs and Journalist. It is a reminder of how the media plays such a pervasive role in our lives. Alas their was no gender analysis, although demographics of those that took part show that 66.3% of respondents were women and 0.2% transgender. However this is a useful and insightful piece of research.



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